Detail Steps How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Check Pincode Function

As we know, partial manufacturers don’t support free pincode key programming currently, for the convenience of locksmiths


OBDSTAR developed checking pincode function.


Remarks: Using OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus & X300 PRO4 Key Master 5 one-click free key programming.


Detail Steps:

1. Connect Key Master DP Plus to a car; enter into【CAR IMMO】;


2. Click [PINCODE];


3. Click the newest PINCODE edition;


5. Click [Enter];


6. Read note, click [Enter];

7. Checking pincode requires 8 credits each time, click【OK】;

8. Input 20 digits ID code reading out by the device from other manufacturer; click [Enter]; Remarks:20 digits ID code(actual 22 digits, but only input the first 20 digits).

9. Confirm 20 digits ID code, click [Enter];

10. Check successfully, 8 creditsdeducted, click [OK];

11. Rolling code has been read out successfully.

Note: Please strictly follow your device tips in your operation process.


Nissan & Infiniti IMMO Upgrade [ V32.28]

Update for product X300 DP PLUS and X300 PRO4

Important update !
1. OBDSTAR one-click free key programming
2. OBDSTAR pincode software, checking 22-digit rolling code pincode for devices from other manufacturers, charges by times!

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