OBDSTAR Firmware upgrade instructions

1. Firmware upgrade background

Because the WiFi alliance upgraded wap2 to wap3 for security, the WiFi of our products cannot connect to the network devices upgraded with wap3 (such as apple 13 hotspot and wap3 supporting router). Now we need to upgrade the firmware of our products to support this kind of network devices. After the firmware upgrade, we will support wap2 and wap3 network devices at the same time


2. Upgrade method

Please strictly refer to the upgrade guidelines for correct operation.


3. Supplementary notes

1) Individual equipment of dp80 model may be different. If WiFi is abnormal after brushing the corresponding firmware package, you can try switching between a / B / C / D packages;

2) This firmware upgrade is aimed at network devices such as routers and mobile phone hotspots that have upgraded wap3. For example, network devices that use wap2 do not need to brush;

3) Some mobile phone brands (such as mi phone) can manually switch the WiFi hotspot from wap3 to wap2 without brushing;

4) DP600 model (X300 series products) cannot be upgraded to support wap3 because the hardware is too old. Please use a network device that supports wap2.



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