FAQ for OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3

Q: Can the X300 Classic G3 be equipped with Airbag Reset, Cluster Recalibration, ECU Flasher and other functions?
A: Yes, it can open the license to get function for Airbag reset, mileage correction and ECU Flasher.
Airbag Reset License order https://www.obdstar.co.uk/wholesale/x300-classic-g3-air-bag-license.html

Cluster Calibration license order https://www.obdstar.co.uk/wholesale/x300-classic-g3-cluster-calibration-license.html
ECU Flasher license order https://www.obdstar.co.uk/wholesale/x300-classic-g3-ecu-flasher-license.html

Q: I would like to have the list of supported models & features of this tool, where can I get it?
A: You can download the coverage of the tool from our website UK/EU Ship OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 Programming Tool 2Yrs Update and we usually synchronize the update at the end of each month.

Q: Is X300 Classic G3 compatible with all the functions of KEY MASTER DP PLUS?
A: No, X300 Classic G3 is mainly targeted at automotive electronics repairers or professional locksmiths, so it does not include the diagnostic and maintenance functions of KEY MASTER DP PLUS (except for Manual Service Lamp Reset), but it adds a lot of new special functions.

Q: Can I use the accessories of an old product I have previously purchased?
A: Yes, in order to save locksmith costs, X300 Classic G3 is compatible with the following adapters or cables that have been purchased by previous users:

1. P002 adapter, P003 adapter, Key Sim adapter;
4. FCA 12+8 CABLE;
5. TOYOTA 8A cable, FORD all key lost cable.

Q: What is ECU Unlock function of X300 Classic G3?
A: The ECU Unlock fucntion is developed so that used ECU modules can be used in other identical vehicles. If you install a used ECU into another vehicle without unlocking it, it will report a fault and cannot be used normally.


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