How to Update and Register OBDSTAR H111 OPEL Key Programming

OBDSTAR H111 Update and Register Guide:

1). Update tool software installation

Login our website: and click “One Key Upgrade”.

Download the update tool and diagnostic software, double click, then go to

the next step:

Step 1:Click “Next”

Step 2: Click “Next

OBDSTAR User Manual

Step 3: Wait for several minutes then the installation


Step 4: Click “Finish”

After Update Tool installation completed, click the Update Tool software icon

on desktop to start the update tools. The main interface is as shown below:

2). User register

Click ”Sign up” to fill in user information, Username can be English characters

or the combination of alphabet and numbers.

Serial number and register password can be referred to System information in

the device.( Figure 1.4.3)

For distributor code, please refer to your distributor for more details.

3). Software updating

Operation steps as following:

Step 1: Remove the TF card from your device.

Insert your TF card into computer.

Step 2:Open update tool and login.

Step 3: Click the source menu, choose the software you want to update, click

it and confirm.

Step 4: Click and select all the software then click “update”. (Note: It is better

to click “Format memory car” during updating.)

Step 5: Wait for several minutes then the updating finished.

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