How to update OBDSTAR F108+ PSA Pin Code Reader

Here is the guide update OBDSTAR F108+ PSA Pin Code Reader

Fresh update notice for OBDSTAR F108+ PSA Pin Code reader and OBDSTAR Products! Users can directly update on OBDSTAR official website by “One Key Upgrade” tool.

Step 1: Remove the TF card

Insert your TF card into computer via Card reader if needed.

And Format the TF card and ensure it is empty

Step 2. Download and install OBDSTAR One Key Upgrade tool.!AtmCplulXgpAgS2w6_T8im1W7kBx

Step 3: Open the application and input your user name and password. Then select [End User] and click [Log in]

Step 4: Input your S/N and click [Select all] and click [Upgrade]

Step 5: Wait until the Upgrade completed

Step 6: Open your TF card. You will see these files.

Step 7: Remove the TF card from the computer. Insert your OBDSTAR F108+ TF card into the device.

Update succeeds!

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