How to Solve OBDSTAR X300M File Authorization Failed

Here is the proper solution to OBDSTAR X300M odometer correction tool “File Authorization Failed” error.


Problem Showing:
I tried to update OBDSTAR X300M online, but failed and X300 M prompt me error message“File Authorization Failed” error,shown as pic below:

There will be 2 reasons can cause “File Authorization Failed” error:

1.The serial number when you use for update X300M and your own OBDSTAR X300M is not matched,please check your X300M serial number,use the right serial number again to update.


2.Maybe the procedure file in the machine is something wrong,if this problem,please contact customer service,it needs to send back to refresh data.


How to Update OBDSTAR X300M mileage programmer?
1. Remove the TF card from your device.Insert your TF card into computer.Format your TF card and ensure it is empty.
2.Login OBDSTAR official website,and click “One Key upgrade”.
3. Download and install the “One Key upgrade”. You will see this software.
4.Open the “One Key upgrade”. Input your username and password. Then select “End User” and click “Log in”.
5. Input your S/N.
6.Select all and click “Upgrade”
7.Upgrade is completed.

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