OBDSTAR P003 Bench/Boot Adapter Kit New Released

What is P003 Kit ?

P003 kit, working with OBDSTAR IMMO series tablets (X300 DP PAD, X300 DP Plus, X300 Pro4), is designed for reading ECU, CS, Pincode, etc. data.


Supported ECU list:

Supports ECU including BOSCH EDC17U01(TC1766), MED17.5(TC1766), MED17.5.1(TC1766), MED17.5.20(TC1766), MED17.5.5(TC1766), MED17.5.5 HW2(TC1766), EDC17C46(TC1767), ME17.5.6(TC1767), ME17.5.20(TC1767), MED17.5.2(TC1767), MED17.5.5(TC1767), MED17.5.5 HW2(TC1767), MED17.5.21(TC1782), MED17.5.25(TC1782), EDC17C54(TC1797), EDC17C64(TC1797), EDC17CP44(TC1797), EDC17CP44 MS(TC1797), ME17.1.1(TC1797), ME17.1.6(TC1797), MED17.1.1(TC1797), MED17.1.1 MS(TC1797), MED17.1.6(TC1797), MED17.4.4(TC1793), MD1CS018(Euro 6/TC298TP), MG1CS042(Euro 6/TC298TP), MG1CS003(Euro 6/TC298TP) etc.

Connecting Methods:

Boot Mode
Step 1: Connect 1, 2, 3 together
Step2: connect the ECU pin connector to the ECU according to the wiring diagram;
Step3: connect ECU boot connector with Boot jumper(spring needle) or Boot jumper(welding) and connect it to ECU;
Step4: connect 12V power with the diagnostic device;
Step5: read data on the diagnostic device.



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