Obdstar MS50 Motorcycle scanner Register and Update

Obdstar MS50 scan tool is a portable tablet with 5 inch, designed for motorcycle diagnosis. How to register and update Obdstar MS50 tablet? let’s go forward.

How to register Obdstar MS50?

Step1. Get start
1.Connect power supply via cable.
2.Slide down from the top screen to connect WIFI.

Step2. Filling user information
Press “Personal Center”>> Register
1.Filling account information including username, password and email.
2.Filling contact information including contacts, cellphone, company name, address and post code.

Registered successfully! Press “Login now!” to login in.

How to upgrade Obdstar MS50?

Step1. Login in
Enter user name and password to login in.

Step2. Update software
Press “Return” button >> Upgrade >> Select all >> Bulk update
The progress bar on right will display all progress.

Upgrade completed!

Manual & FAQ
Support center >> Manual/FAQ
To check introduction, diag notes, upgrade, others, remark & FAQ here.

Where to find your ID?
Press “TeamViewer”, slide to the left.


Any questions about Obdstar MS50 Tablet, please contact us.

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